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Oklahoma State University


Graduate Banquet Awards

At the graduate student banquet Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA) nominated Samyukta Koteeswaran as 2016-17 Outstanding Student of the Year and Dr. Jindal Shah as 2016-17 Outstanding Graduate Faculty.

Graduating students from Chemical Engineering are:

Samyukta Koteeswaran, PhD, Spring
Mehdi Habibpour Rezaaba, PhD, Spring
Md Montashir Rahman, PhD, Spring
Shailesh Dangwal, MS, Summer
Suman Das, MS, Summer
Carrie German, PhD, Summer
Menelik Negash, PhD, Summer

Students enjoy hands-on learning at OSU National Lab Day

High school students from around the state participated in a day of hand-on learning Tuesday during the eighth annual National Lab Day at Oklahoma State University.

At least 100 students and 15 teachers learned about discovery-based science experiments, and entomology, among other things.

Garrett Thomas, 16, a sophomore at Stillwater High, was excited to learn more about bugs.  “I’ve been bitten by enough of them to want to know more,” Thomas said.  He was at the university for a day of learning with other Stillwater High AP biology sophomores.

Sarah Desharnais Selected to Receive Wentz Research Scholarship

Sarah Desharnais has been selected to receive the Wentz Research Scholarship.  The title of her research is "Silver Nanocatalysts as Efficient Heterogeneous Photocatalysts for Continuous Synthesis of Pharaceuticals through Heck Coupling Reactions".  This Scholarship will provide financial support for her research activities under the guidance of Dr. Mari Andiappan, from Fall 2017 until the end of Spring 2018.  Sara is a sophmore from Coconut Creek, Florida.

Atiya Banerjee Receives Summer Research Fellowship

Atiya Bannerjee, chemical engineering graduate student, was selected to receive a 2017 Graduate College Summer Research Fellowship.  This fellowship supports outstanding, full-time, mid-program OSU doctoral students.  The award comes with the following benefits:

·         $4,000 to be paid in June;
·         Tuition waiver for up to two credit hours
·         The student and project will be highlighted on the OSU Graduate College website.

Atiya is advised by Dr. Jindal Shah.

Dr. Prem Bikkina receives US Patent

University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Okla., Assigned Patent for Method for Determining Solid Particle Surface Energy

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been assigned a patent (9,645,067) developed by six co-inventors for a "method and device for determining solid particle surface energy." The co-inventors are Prem Kumar Bikkina, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ram S. Mohan, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Ovadia Shoham, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Luis Eduardo Gomez, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hariprasad Janakiram Subramani, Houston, and Gene Edward Kouba, Houston.

Unit Operations Lab (UOL) News

The Unit Operations Lab was visited by many High School tour groups during the Spring semester.  Dr. Clint Aichele, Dr. Brad Rowland, Safety Manager Shelley Potter, Teaching Assistant Andishaeh Dadgar and Professor Mike Resetarits often had apparatuses running for the students and sometimes led the oral discussions.

ChE Students Receive Awards

Shelby Mohr, sophomore pre-med student from Haslet, Texas, was recently awarded a Wentz Research Award.  Her project title was "Using a Novel Tissue Model to Study Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for the Eye".  Shelby is advised by Dr. Heather Fahlenkamp.

Jacquelyn Lane, senior, and Minu Pilvankar, PhD student receive the Women's Faculty Council 2017 Student Research Award.  Both students are advised by Dr. Ashlee Ford Versypt.

Atiya Banerjee Receives Recognition from GPSGA

Chemical Engineering PhD student, Atiya Banerjee receives certificate of recognition from the GPSGA committee for oustanding representation of ChEGSA at the association and other services.  Atiya is adviced by Dr. Jindal Shah.

Class of 2017 Senior Banquet Awards

Phillips 66 Design Awards

Research Featured by Advances in Engineering

(STILLWATER, Okla., April 29, 2017) - Dr. Qingsheng “Sam” Wang’s paper "Prediction of Minimum Ignition Energy from Molecular Structure Using Quantitative Structure−Property Relationship (QSPR) Models" is featured by Advances in Engineering as a significant contribution in the area of Chemical Engineering.