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Oklahoma State University

1st Petroleum Engineering Master of Science Graduate Student Defends

Alex Cedola, a Georgia native with a bachelor of Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Tech, is the first student to defend her thesis in the Master of Science program in Petroleum Engineering at Oklahoma State University. She presented, on April 5th, her thesis project with the title ‘’Using Drilling Data to Calculate Porosity and Permeability”. Alex’s Advisor, Dr. Geir Hareland, says that ”her work gives the opportunity for oil and gas operators in Oklahoma to optimize their fracturing stages without having to add additional cost to drill and complete the wells, since the results are based on drilling data from the horizontal well section”. Oklahoma State University has a Minor degree in Petroleum Engineering open for undergraduate students majoring in any engineering fields and started a Master of Science program in Petroleum Engineering in Fall 2016.











Graduate student Alex Cedola (2nd left), with her Advisor Dr. Geir Hareland (Left),
and committee members Dr. Prem Bikkina (2nd right) and Dr. Runar Nygaard (right).