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Oklahoma State University

Professional School

Our school employs a Professional School approach to our student's education. The engineering professional has many of the same responsibilities and advantages as other professions. In fact, the practice of engineering has the potential of having more of an impact, both good and bad, on more people than most other professions. In order to instill upon our students the importance of practicing the profession of chemical engineering in the most ethical and professional manner, our curriculum is divided into a pre-professional program, typically the freshman and sophomore years, and the Professional School program. Admission into the upper-level Chemical Engineering courses of the Professional School program requires a 2.7 GPA in the Science Technical Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M) classes, and all grades in English and S.T.E.M. courses of "C" or higher. See an advisor for details.

Pre-Medical and Biomedical/Chemical Options

Options emphasize a specialization within the chemical engineering program. In each option the basic curriculum is the same as the regular CHE curriculum; however, elective courses are structured to focus on an area that will enhance a particular career path. Medical schools readily accept our premedical graduates. The biomedical/biochemical option is designed for students who are interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry or in creating devices that help the body process chemicals.