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Oklahoma State University

ConocoPhillips Lecture Series

ConocoPhillips Lectureship in Chemical Engineering Education

is an annual lecture co-sponsored by the ConocoPhillips and the School of Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The “ConocoPhillips Lecture Series” was started in 1967, with original sponsorship by the Phillips Petroleum Company, and this annual event has become a highlight of the entire seminar program at the School of Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. Guest lecturers from across the nation, who have distinguished themselves in chemical engineering education, have made timely and insightful presentations to the audience in Stillwater. The lecture series has become a prestigious, nationally recognized event which has helped establish OSU as a national leader in undergraduate education -- a role that we value. OSU is very grateful to the ConocoPhillips for their sustained partnership in making the seminar series possible, and to the lecturers who have shared their ideas.


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