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Oklahoma State University

AIChE – National Student Design Competition – Team

AIChE National Student Design Competition (Team)

Each year, practicing chemical engineers from a designated company devise and judge a student contest problem that typifies a real, working, chemical engineering design situation. The solution requires a wide range of skills in calculation and evaluation of both technical data and economic factors.  Students have 30 days (typically) to generate a solution entirely on their own (no input or advice allowed from faculty, vendors, engineering consultants, etc.).  Universities are allowed to submit up to two entries to AIChE.  Beginning in 1995, AIChE allowed team (two or three team members) entries.  In the Team category, AIChE limits awards to 1st place and Honorable Mention. 

In a society consumed with rankings and competition, the AIChE National Student Design Competition is the nearest equivalent to a "Chemical Engineering National Championship."  We are very proud that OSU student teams have won 1st place or Honorable Mention in 7 of the 19 years AIChE has hosted a team competition.  No other university has done better.

AIChE National Student Design Competition (Team)
1995 – 2013

School  Number of
1st Place Awards
Number of
Honorable Mention Awards
Oklahoma State 5 2
Michigan State   3 1
Washington (St. Louis) 3 0
------------------------------ --------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Northeastern   2 3
Mississippi State  2 1
Mississippi   1 1
----------------------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Utah   1 1
Columbia 1 0
Kansas     1 0
---------------------------- --------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Toledo 1 0
Trine 1 0
New Hampshire 0 1


AICHE National Student Design Competition (Team)
Members of OSU Award Winning Teams

Year     Award Team Members
1995 1st place Ulrika Krause, Jamie Simons, Janet Wilson
1998 1st place Richard Bruce, Brian Callihan, Sean Hockersmith
2004 1st place Megan Burns, Ashley Price, Shelby Hutchens
------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
2005 1st place Justin Guinn, Tim Plowman, Rob Taylor
2007 Honorable Mention Jehna Ferster, Lindsey Hall, David Wiist
2008 1st place Aleisha McCabe, Grant McCool, Derek Sumner
2010 Honorable Mention Jonathan Barnes, Jacob Grant, Drew Sahli