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Oklahoma State University

OSU Alumni Association Outstanding Seniors

OSU Alumni Association Outstanding Senior Award

Each year the OSU Alumni Association recognizes outstanding graduating seniors at Oklahoma State University. Students receive awards based on scholarship, campus leadership and service to campus and community.  The award is highly competitive and requires exceptional leadership and/or contributions outside of the student’s home department and college.  Honorees must be multi-dimensional with accomplishments that suggest a future career with success at the highest level.  Award recipients are recognized each year during the May commencement proceedings.

The number of students recognized annually has varied between 10 and 16.  The total number of students honored since 1995 is 246 with degrees in 70 different majors.  Sixteen of the honorees have been chemical engineers.  As indicated below, only three other OSU degree programs (Agribusiness, Marketing, and Agricultural Economics) have produced more recipients.

Chemical engineering produces 1.0 % of the B.S. degrees awarded annually at OSU.  However, our students have received more than 6.5 % of the OSU Outstanding Seniors awards since 1995.  The Schools of Agricultural Economics and Chemical Engineering rank 1 and 2, respectively, in terms of OSU Outstanding Senior award winners on a per capita basis.

We are very proud of our students who have been recognized as OSU Outstanding Seniors.  Their success is a reflection of the exceptional intellectual talent, leadership and commitment to service that our students bring to class and cultivate on a daily basis.

OSU Alumni Association Outstanding Senior Awards
1995 – 2014

Degree Program (Bachelor)

Number of Students Receiving
the OSU Outstanding Senior Award

Number Degrees
Last 5 Years

Agribusiness 19 395 a
Marketing 17 975
Agricultural Economics 17 395 a
Chemical Engineering 16 187
Political Science 15 334
------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Accounting 13 843
Agricultural Communications 13 355 b
Economics 11 440
Finance 10 636
Animal Science 7 798
------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------
60 additional disciplines 107  
Total number of students honored 246 (1995 - 2014)  


School of Chemical Engineering
List of OSU Outstanding Senior Award Recipients
1995 - present

1995 Jason Sauter
1997 Sarah Oldfield, Mark Paden
2002 Alyssa Schilling
------ ----------------------------------------------
2003 Jason Beene
2004 Cassie Mitchell, Ashley Price
2005 Ashleigh Hildebrand
------ ----------------------------------------------
2008 Matt Beier
2010 Race Clark, Billy Collins, Renee Hale
2013 Katie Haning
------ ----------------------------------------------
2014 Ashlee Keenum, Logan Scott, Donnie Joe Worth
2016 John Hiett, Emma Orth
2017 Jacquelyn Lane, Ryan Neal
2018 Cassidy Gierhart, Tyler Martin