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Oklahoma State University

AIChE – Outstanding Student Chapter

AIChE Outstanding Student Chapter Award

This award is presented annually to those AIChE student chapters that document an exceptional level of participation, enthusiasm, program quality, professionalism, and involvement in the university and community.  The award is highly competitive with no more than 10 % of the 157   student chapters recognized in any one year. 

A total of 49 schools have received Outstanding Student Chapter Awards since 1995.  The OSU chapter has received the award 17 times over this 20 year period.  Only three schools in the country have won more Outstanding Student Chapter awards than OSU since 1995.  The OSU chapter also owns the second longest active streak of consecutive awards (16).

We are blessed with talented students with strong midwestern values of service to the community and profession.  A good example is the ChemKidz student organization which provides entertaining science and chemistry demonstrations to elementary schools in our region and at the Oklahoma Wondertorium (

A key element in the success of the OSU chapter has been a continuing strong emphasis on leadership development provided by the Faculty Adviser and School.

The list of schools that have received the AIChE Outstanding Student Chapter Award since 1995 is shown below.

AIChE Outstanding Student Chapter Award
1995 – 2014


of Awards

Consecutive Number
of Awards to-date

Kentucky 20 20
Iowa 19 10
Georgia Tech 18 1
Oklahoma State 17 16
---------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------------
New Jersey Inst. of Technology 17 2
North Carolina State 17 5
Kansas State 16 0
Oregon State 15 10
---------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------------
Brigham Young 14 2
Kentucky-Paducah 13 13
Mississippi State 13 4
Michigan 9 5
---------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------------
Missouri Sci. & Technology 8 0
South Carolina 7 0

AIChE Outstanding Student Chapter Award
1995 – 2013


6 awards:  Bucknell, Penn State, Virginia
5 awards:  Northeastern
4 awards:  Florida, New Mexico State, Purdue, Texas A&M
3 awards:  Colorado State, Illinois, Illinios Inst. of Technology, Michigan State, South Florida,
                 Texas Tech, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin
2 awards:  Florida Inst. of Technology, Puerto Rico, South Dakota School of Mines
1 award:   Akron, Berkeley, California-Davis, California-Long Beach, California-Santa Barbara,
                Colorado, Lehigh, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rowan, Rutgers, Tulsa, UCLA, West
                Virginia Inst. of Technology