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Oklahoma State University

Undergraduate Program

Chemical Engineers Make A Difference

Our society faces a variety of challenges that need chemical engineers: We require new and better medicines, improved environment, alternative energy supplies, specialized composite materials, faster microprocessors, increased food supplies, and better utilization of our natural resources. Each challenge has a common element - the chemical basis and a process that shapes the chemicals into desirable products. Thus, meeting many of society’s challenges requires the "engineering of chemistry."

This is exactly where chemical engineers make a difference. We provide leading-edge solutions to society’s needs. Chemical engineers use the language of mathematics to describe the chemical and physical behavior of molecules, and then use that language to design, operate, and control processes that produce materials and energy. In doing so, we make full use of the principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to benefit human welfare.

Chemical engineering principles are employed any time materials change form, state, or composition. Consequently, chemical engineers are found in almost all industries – not just in the chemicals or refining. Industries, which employ chemical engineers, include: automotive, semiconductor, pulp and paper, film, textile, food, fertilizer, mineral, and biomedical. The types of employment vary from managing manufacturing, to inventing better processes and products, to marketing technology. Education in chemical engineering prepares an individual to pursue a wide range of endeavors with many opportunities to contribute to society.


Every member of the Chemical Engineering faculty holds a doctorate degree from one of the outstanding universities in the United States, and many have been awarded national honors by professional societies. Each ChE course is taught by a faculty member. We also have extensive industrial experience, and our computer software and laboratory process units reflect those used in industry. Our students benefit from a nationally accredited curriculum that carefully balances theory and application. As a result, OSU ChE students have consistently out-performed those from other ChE programs across the nation as evidenced in scores on the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, National Team Design Championships, winning awards for the student chapter activities, individual achievement, and reaction powered car competition

We encourage students to participate in extra curricular activities. Extensive student-faculty interaction and a focus on the development of the whole person are trademarks of our School, as we strive to be the "School of Choice" for students interested in Chemical Engineering.

Employment Opportunities

Chemical engineers are employed throughout industry, government, and academia. The average starting salary for OSU B.S. ChE graduates in 2008 was $70,000 per year plus a signing bonus. Projections for the next several years reveal that employment demand will be greater than the number of B.S. ChE graduates. Now is a great time for you to choose chemical engineering!