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Oklahoma State University


Computing Systems and Email Accounts

Students at Oklahoma State University are given access to three computing systems that manage academic and personal records, on-line classes, and e-mail.

Each system stands alone and is administered independently. Make sure you know how and when to use each system.

OSU e-mail systems have been made available to you, but you must create your accounts. Oklahoma State University has partnered with Microsoft Live (branded as Cowboy Mail), and Google (branded as Orange Mail) to provide life-time OSU e-mail, increased file storage, and online communications services to students. Cowboy Mail has 25GB of file storage via SkyDrive and 10GB of e-mail storage. Orange Mail has 7 GB of e-mail storage, an unlimited amount of storage for Google App documents and 1 GB of storage for non-Google App documents. To signup go to into your web browser and login, click on E-mail Destination on the left menu and choose your e-mail option. For more information and instructions, please visit the IT Resource Center at and click on the Cowboy Mail or Orange Mail link. Contact the IT Helpdesk at or (405) 744-HELP (4357) when needed.

Computer Use

Extensive computer facilities are available for graduate students including state of the art computers in the Computer Labs located in College of Engineering as well as in the OSU Library. The use of the university, college, and school computer facilities will be an integral part of your graduate studies. You will be required to use these facilities in your formal course work and possibly in your thesis or report activities. In all cases, you should first obtain permission from your course instructor or your advisor to use the computer. Many research facilities in Chemical Engineering also have state of art personal computers, workstations, and printers purchased by the faculty specifically for their research purposes. These computers, however, are restricted to the students working in that laboratory. These computers are governed by the faculty member in charge of those computers and are not available for use by the general student body in Chemical Engineering.

The use of the university, college, and school computer facilities is restricted to required activities only. The university, college and our school computers have word processing capability for preparation of reports, theses, dissertations, or other class assignments. In addition, College of Engineering computers have many software packages used in the classroom instructions. We encourage your use of the computer in this way. Programming for recreational activities such as games, picture formatting, etc., is inappropriate. The University has the following published policy:

"Any unauthorized or improper use of university computer facilities (University Computer Center project numbers,microcomputer laboratories, terminal facilities, software,etc.) will subject the offender to costs incurred andUniversity disciplinary action. A student who uses such facilities improperly or without authorization will bereferred to the University administration for appropriate disciplinary action. Such action may include suspension."

Security of account numbers and passwords require significant attention. Do not share your account number or password to anyone. Also, make sure not to leave any trace of your account information after finishing your work by deleting the account number display on your computer monitor, and by deleting them from any printout copy, which may be placed in the wastebasket; people have learned to search the wastebasket to find active accounts.

The Faculty Council of Oklahoma State University has approved the following policy on the copying of computer software:

"Any copying of microcomputer software contrary to the written specifications of software vendors is in direct violation of Oklahoma State University policy."

This policy applies to all academic activities and represents a statement of professional ethics regarding computer software. The School of Chemical Engineering is in complete agreement with this policy.

Library Resources

Apart from University Library resources, School of Chemical Engineering maintains a collection of reference books in the front office area of 423 EN. These materials are for the use of all students who have a legitimate need for them. The procedure for checking out materials requires you to present your student identification card to the CHE secretary at the front desk at the time you check out any item in this collection. The time period for which you are permitted to keep materials varies according to the demand for them, and the period varies from as little as 30 minutes to as long as two weeks. For this system of providing materials to function properly, all students must obey the time limits for checkout. Students who repeatedly fail to return materials on time will lose their checkout privileges.

Study Desks

Every effort is made to provide students working on experimental research projects with a study desk in the laboratory in which they are working and to provide Graduate Teaching Assistants with study areas at which they can do their graduate assistant work. Unfortunately, we are not always able to do this. If you are assigned a study desk, please do your work and studying at your desk. If you are not going to use your desk, we need to assign it to another student.

Mail Boxes

Each graduate student is assigned a mailbox.  Any mail, as well as communications from the faculty, which we receive for you will be placed in your mailbox. Make sure to check your mail every day. Of course, you must make arrangements to have all of your personal mail delivered to your residence.