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Frequently Asked Questions 




What are the admission deadlines? How do I apply?


The application deadline for applying in the Fall semester is February 1 and the deadline for applying in the Spring semester is August 1. Decisions on completed files will begin as soon as possible. Applicants will be notified by email and in writing upon receipt of their application, and they will be informed of any missing items, which should be provided immediately.  Visit the admissions link at for more information. 

All of the application materials must be submitted on or before the department deadlines.  We will not process an applicant's application if any documents are submitted after the deadline.

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When will I find out about the status of my application?


It is critical that all applicants maintain a current and correct email address, so that we can communicate with you via email. You should hear something from us by April 1 for Fall applicants and October 1 for Spring applicants.


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I want to know whether I get admission to your program. Can you pre-screen my application prior to applying?


We cannot pre-screen applications due to many elements associated with the graduate admissions. Admission to the graduate program depends on many components including comparison of academic records, GRE scores, TOEFL scores (for international students), recommendation letter, professional activities you have performed including research experience and your personal statement. You have to apply for admission prior to any other process, and please do not send your request.


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What are your department and institution GRE codes?


Our institution ID for the GRE test is 1611.  The department code is 1001.


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Do I need to take a Subject(e.g., Engineering or Chemistry)GRE exam?


No.  However, all applicants are required to submit scores from the General Portion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).


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When should I take the GRE?


This depends on which semester you are applying for admission and when tests are given in your area. Please see the GRE website at for more information on when to take the test in your area. These scores are required for your application so you should ensure that you take the test early enough to have them sent at the same time you send in your application.


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Are TOEFL scores required for admission?


Yes, a minimum score of 550 (paper based), 79 (internet based), and 213 (computer based) is required by the Graduate College.


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I am interested in working with a specific faculty member. Should I send my application directly to him/her?


No, please send all your application materials to the Graduate College. Later, you will have the opportunity to interact with individual faculty.


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I cannot afford to pay the application fee. Can I defer it until I am admitted?


We understand the financial difficulties associated with application to graduate programs; however, the $75.00 fee cannot be deferred or waived. The University will not allow an application to be considered unless it is accompanied by the application fee.


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Do you accept students for the spring semester?


Yes, we do accept students for the Spring semester.


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I will be in town, and I would like to stop by and tour the department. Can I drop in on a few faculty members and research groups at that time?


Yes, Please arrange such a visit with the Graduate Coordinator.


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I am interested in receiving financial aid during my studies. Is aid available? If so, what types?


There are a number of financial support options within the department. The option also includes the research interests and whether there are faculty members with matched research interests. Visit the link financial-support to know more about the financial admissions.


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Do you have a separate financial aid application?


No, all of our applicants are automatically considered for financial assistance unless requested otherwise.


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Do you award stipends to M.S. students?




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How long will it take to obtain my degree?


The length of time is variable, depending upon the student’s undergraduate background and his or her goals and self-chosen pace of graduate study. Typically, it takes three to four semesters to complete the M.S. requirements.


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How do I get further information?


Please be sure to explore all information on the department website. If you still have additional questions, please email your questions to the Graduate Coordinator at


USA TEL: (405) 744-5280

FAX: (405) 744-6338


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