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Oklahoma State University

Graduate College

Visit Graduate College Current Students for information regarding requirements you need to comply with during your graduate school. Some of the highlights are given below.

Requirements for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Education and training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research is an essential element of training for individuals who will be engaged in research in any field. Oklahoma State University policy requires all graduate students to complete, on a one-time-only basis early in their graduate study, an online module about responsible conduct of research (RCR). Click on the link to access the module.

All new graduate students should plan to complete the module in their first semester. After completing the module, print the completion certificate and bring it to Chemical Engineering office for filing.

Minimum Enrollment Requirements

The department of Chemical Engineering has different requirements so check the minimum enrollment section under your degree option. As a guide, the Graduate College provides the minimum number of hours that students need to take to qualify as a full time student. These vary based on whether you are domestic student or international student. Check the for enrolment guidelines directly.

Plan of Study (POS)

A plan of study serves as a contract between a student and the university. Your POS is the blueprint for successful completion of your degree requirements. The student should complete the plan of study for the degree, have it approved by the advisory committee, and submit the original form to the Graduate College. The student should secure the plan of study form from the Graduate College, ( develop the plan with the advisor, have it approved by the advisory committee and submit it to the Graduate College for final approval.

  • For a master’s program, our program requires the completion of the plan of study by the end of the first semester.
  • For the Ph.D. program, our program requires the completion of the plan of study by the end of the second semester.

Changes in the plan of study can be made with the approval of the advisory committee and the dean of the Graduate College. A final, accurate and approved plan must be filed before the end of the second week of the semester in which the degree is to be conferred.The plan of study is subject to modification.

Because the acceptance of work which the student desires to use toward the degree rests with the advisory committee, it is important to plan a complete program and have it approved by the dean of the Graduate College as soon as possible. Graduate credit, up to a maximum of nine hours, used to obtain one master’s degree may, with the approval of the advisory committee, be counted toward completion of another master’s degree.

The plan must include all the acceptable graduate work that has been completed and all that will be taken for the Ph.D. degree. The plan should include (1) at least 75 percent of courses taken at 5000-6000 level, (2) a minimum of 60 hours beyond the master’s degree, and (3) at least 15 hours and no more than 60 hours of dissertation credit. Courses used to earn a master’s degree are not listed on the doctoral plan of study.

Academic Calendar - Deadlines

The following is a link to the Graduate College website,  The calendar is a "to-do" list with deadlines for the semester you are to graduate. 

Thesis Dissertation Guidelines

Graduate College provides uniform standards for material included in theses and dissertations that are submitted by graduate students in partial fulfillment of the requirements for masters and doctoral degrees. Visit for more details.