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Oklahoma State University

Petroleum Course Offerings

The School of Chemical Engineering offers a Petroleum Minor.  The minor in Petroleum Engineering is designed for students majoring in engineering and engineering technology who wish to prepare for positions in the petroleum industry.  The courses are designed to provide a broad-base introduction to the petroleum industry.  In order to receive a Petroleum Engineering Minor you must take the following courses.




GEOL 3413     "Petroleum Geology for Engineers"  3 hours,  Offered Spring and Fall

            Prerequisites:  MATH 2114, CHEM 1414 or 1314, PHYS 2114 or 2014


GEOL 4323     "Advanced Well Log Analysis"  3 hours, Offered Spring

           Prerequisites:  GEOL 3413



Petroleum Engineering - Prerequisites:  Admission to the Professional School


ENGR 4303     "Petroleum Rock and Fluids"  3 hours, Offered Fall


ENGR 4313     "Drilling and Well Completions"  3 hours, Offered Spring


ENGR 4333     "Production Operations"  3 hours, Offered Spring


ENGR 4343     "Reservoir Engineering and Well Testing"  3 hours, Offered Fall