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Oklahoma State University

Runar Nygaard

Associate Professor

Harold Courson Chair in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Program DirectorDr. Runar Nygaard



Ph.D., Geomechanics, University of Oslo, 2004

M.Sc., Geotechnics, University of Oslo, 1996

B.Sc., Geology, University of Oslo, 1995


Petroleum Geomechanics and Wellbore Integrity

Dr. Nygaard’s research in petroleum geomechanics, drilling engineering and well design, addresses the technical, economical and environmental challenges that arise between the man made well and the natural subsurface environment made up of the fluid filled porous rocks.

Wellbore integrity monitoring and modeling of CO2 injection wells. The objective of this research is to develop tools and methods to verify the integrity of well barriers in injection wells. Recent work has been focused on developing a barrier monitoring system using permanently installed distributed coaxial cable sensor system and model the integrity of the cement sheet. 

Wellbore stability, fluid losses and wellbore strengthening. The overall goal is to reduce drilling non-productive time and reduce the number of required casing strings. We have addressed how to mitigate loss circulation for mm size fractures, increase the fracture gradient by better LCM selection including use of nano-particles, and by modeling to predict wellbore breakout and wellbore strengthening effects.

Drilling efficiency and drill stem vibration analysis. The main target of this research topic is to reduce drilling cost by developing analysis tools to analyze drilling and log data. Recent work has addressed drill stem vibration predictions and the effectiveness of vibration mitigation strategies.


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