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Oklahoma State University

Unit Operations Lab (UOL) News

The Unit Operations Lab was visited by many High School tour groups during the Spring semester.  Dr. Clint Aichele, Dr. Brad Rowland, Safety Manager Shelley Potter, Teaching Assistant Andishaeh Dadgar and Professor Mike Resetarits often had apparatuses running for the students and sometimes led the oral discussions.

On April 28, Industrial Advisory Committee members visited the Unit Operations Lab (UOL) for about 25 minutes.  The following eight Juniors had 8 apparatuses running for the IAC:  Dustin Mauk, Savannah Kirk, Nathan Major, Brayden James, Brenna Adolph, Josh Yocham, Jenica Lee and Amanda Schmitz.  Combined, the IAC members and the Junior students set a UOL Smiles Record that will probably never be broken.

The Unit Operations Laboratory course was split into 3 long afternoon sessions.  Each of those sessions had a 10-person Safety Squad that was ready to respond to a wide range of laboratory or hallway emergencies.  Each of those Squads held a drill this year and each of those drills was evaluated by Safety Manager Shelley Potter.


as reported by Mike Resetarits