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Oklahoma State University

EN450 - Advanced Technology Classroom

User Resource Center



EN 450 Classroom Overview General Overview
EN 450 Lighting Control Setting up for class
  Shutting down after class
  Classroom configuration selection
  Three source configuration
  Connecting to Station 1 (procedure is the same
for connecting to Stations 2-7)
  Touch screen operation – VERY IMPORTANT
  Transfer control between screens 1
  Transfer control between screens 2
  Epson and WePresent annotation options
  Downloading the MirrorOp app
  Emulating a computer mouse on the projection screen
  General Education Classroom - part 1
  Misleading MirrorOp Warning Messages
  Tips for using Adobe Acrobat
  Tips for using PowerPoint
  Elmo Document Camera
  Video recording (coming)


Contact Information

Name                          OSU phone          Cell                             Email
Josh Ramsey               744-9116               405-385-9678    
Rob Whiteley              744-9117               405-612-2200    


Link to wePresent app download