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Oklahoma State University


OSU AIChE Student Chapter wins 2017-2018 Outstanding Student Chapter Award

Dr. Feng's Research Group Partners with EEES

Dr. Yu Feng

Erfani Awarded 2018 Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Amir Erfani

Amir Erfani was awarded the 2018 Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, sponsored by the OSU Foundation and coordinated by the OSU Graduate College.

Homecoming Royalty

Carl Robertson, ChE Aumnus, Gives $2.5 Million Gift to School of Chemical Engineering

Carl Robertson

Carl Robertson, OSU alumnus, has announced a $2.5 million estate gift to the school of chemical engineering in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology at Oklahoma State University.  This is the largest individual gift in the history of the school.

Fitts and Witcher Named as Top 20 Freshmen

Wade Witcher was recognized as one of this year’s Top 20 Freshmen Men and Andee Fitts was recognized as one of this year’s Top 20 Freshmen Women. 

Wade was further honored by being selected from the Top 20 as a Top 10 Freshman Man.

Desharnais Awarded 2018 John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship Award

Chemical Engineering senior, Sarah Desharnais, is the receipient of the hightest undergraduate award presented by our professional society, AIChE!

Dr. Fahlenkamp Member of Team Awarded $11.1 million for OSU Pioneering Respiratory Disease Research

Dr. Heather Fahlenkamp

The National Institutues of Health (NIH) has awarded $11.1 million to a major biomedical research center at Oklahoma State University to continue the work of more than 60 scientists from three research instituation in the state.

Utkarsh Kapoor Awarded ISA Scholarship

Utkarsh Kapoor

Utkarsh Kapoor, ChE Ph.D. student, was chosen as one of the award receipients of the $3,000 ISA Educational Foundation 2018 Scholarship Awards.

Welcome New Faculty

Dr. White, Dr. Radonjic, Dr. Hemmati, Dr. Capraz