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2017 Seniors of Significance

2017 Seniors of Significance

The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association has named 48 students as OSU Seniors of Significance for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Five of the 2017-2018 Seniors of Significance are Chemical Engineering students.

The Seniors of Significance Award recognizes students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership and service to campus and community and have brought distinction to OSU.

AIChE Receives Third Place Award at 2018 CEAT Week Club Fair

Austin Bounds and Vikas Krishnan

AIChE received the third place award for their "Pop Quiz" game at the 2018 CEAT Week Club Fair.

Nagappan, CHE Alumnus, Receives ISA Award

In January of this year, the ISA Standards & Practices Department recognized Muthiah Nagappan as a 2017 award recipient for his leadership and dedication in supporting the work of the ISA84 committee and for his contributions to ISA-TR84.00.09, Cybersecurity Related to the Functional Safety Lifecycle.

Dr. Feng's Proposal Funded by NIOSH SWCOEH

Dr. Yu Feng's research group received exciting news this month.  Their pilot project proposal entitled, "A Virtual Human System for Health Risk Assessments in a Representative Whole-lung Configuration Associated with Welding Fume Exposure" has been funded by NIOSH Southwest Center for Occupational & Environmental Health (SWCOEH). 

Noah Gade, 2017 ChE Graduate, Earns NCAA Elite 90 Award

Noah Gade

Dr. Andiappan Research Group

Dr. Anidappan Research Group

Dr. Andiappan's research group focuses on developing nanomaterials with targeted catalytic properties for energy conversion, pollution mitigation, solar chemical and pharmaceutical production.  The group utilizes a combination of theoretical tools, novel synthetic techniques, in-operando characterization tools and reactor studies to achieve this goal.

2017 AlChE Design Competition National Champions

Jessica Catlin, Madeline Ley, Lauren Austin, Yen Nguyen

Four OSU Chemical Engineering 2017 graduates tied for 1st place in 2017’s American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) Design Competition.

Dr. Feng OSU App Development Competition Finalist

Dr Feng

Dr. Yu Feng was a finalist in the OSU App Development Competition. 

2017-2018 ChEGSA Officers

2017-2018 ChEGSA Officers

Reception Honoring Dr. Peter Clark

Dr Bikkina, Dr Hareland, Dr Clark, Dr Nygaard

L-R:  Dr. Prem Bikkina, Dr. Geir Hareland, Dr. Peter Clark, Dr. Runar Nygaard

Dr. Peter Clark was honored at a reception celebrating all of his many accomplishments in his five plus years at OSU.