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Oklahoma State University

Suggested PetE Elective Courses

Petroleum Engineering (PETE) Courses

PETE 5303 – Petroleum Geomechanics
PETE 5343 – Advanced Reservoir Engineering
PETE 5263 – Petroleum Economics and Investments
PETE 5413 – Advanced Well Design and Operational Analysis
PETE 5513 – Directional Drilling
PETE 5613 – Advanced Well Completions

Mathematics (MATH) and Statics (STAT) Courses

MATH 5xxx – 5000 level Advanced Mathematics Courses as approved by advisor

STAT 5XXX – 5000 level Advanced Statistics Courses as approved by advisor

Other Courses

Any 4000 level course in PETE, MATH and STAT must be pre-approved by advisor as part of the plan of study